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1Alarm System Tips


Your 4-digit access CODE is used to turn your system on and off. It is also your “PASSCODE” if you accidentally trip the alarm, or you require any information about your account.


The number symbol [#] is a CLEAR button that can be used anytime when entering your CODE or when a mistake has been made. It is a good habit to always enter it when using the system. (Example – enter # 1 2 3 4, instead of just 1 2 3 4).


To arm the system, you must have a green “READY” light. To get this light all zones must be ready (doors closed, no motion). If you do not have a ready light, you can use the right arrow [>] key to check for open zones.


If you wish to 1) arm the system while someone remains inside, or 2) leave an armed system without disarming & re-arming the system, you may press and hold for 3 seconds, the “Stay” button on the keypad.


You may need to arm your system, yet temporarily bypass a specific zone. To bypass zones enter [*] [1] then your CODE if requested (but not the #). Scroll through your zones with the right arrow key until you reach the zone(s) to be bypassed. Pressing and holding the [*] until the [O] in the bottom right corner changes to a [B] bypasses that zone.

2Smoke Detector Tips

Smoke detectors are extremely annoying when they start to beep for what appears to be no apparent reason. Some common causes for smoke detectors to ring are:

  • Dust. Dust finds its way into every open crevasse in your home. That means it can also build up in smoke detectors. A can of compressed air can be a great asset if this occurs. It is the only way to force enough air through the smoke detector to clear the lens of the smoke detector. If this does not work to clear the sensor, it may need to be replaced.
  • Bugs. Small flies & spiders often make themselves at home inside smoke detectors. This is particularly an issue in cottages. Your can of compressed air would come in handy to clear the detector.
  • Steam. If your smoke detector is exposed to steam (like that from a bathroom door being opened after a hot shower), the lens of the detector could get covered with steam. It cannot differentiate between smoke & steam, it just knows the lens is covered so it will trip. Fanning the sensor will sometimes help. Otherwise you may just have to wait until the steam clears.

3Unknown Beeping

Just because you have unknown beeping in your home, it does not mean that the beeping is coming from a component of your security system. It could be coming from any item in your home that requires a back-up battery, like a non-monitored smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector (even if it is in a box in your closet), or a water treatment system.

4Personal Emergency Alarm

If you have a Personal Emergency Alarm, you should test it regularly. Please call 705.426.2000 or 800.263.4240 to advise that you would like to test your unit. Our dispatcher will give you a call when we receive the emergency alarm at our central station. We recommend that you test your personal alarm once per month.

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